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The Evolution of Wonderblooms

The Evolution of Wonderblooms

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

Monthly subscriptions have been a part of Quince since I started the business in 1997.

I envisioned an exclusive service to bring the beauty and joy of fresh flowers into homes regularly, while providing a steady cash flow for my business. I called it "A Year of Flowers" and designed a brochure to advertise it. Despite my enthusiasm, I had exactly zero takers for many years. It was aspirational, though for whom — me or my imaginary audience — it’s hard to say!

Next, I pitched it as a fundraising tool under various banners. Inspired by cause marketing, I liked the idea of donating more than just volunteer hours. Campaigns like "Petals for Parkinson's," "Blooms for Baycrest," and "Blooms for Breast Cancer" stirred interest. I would set up at fundraisers, take subscriptions, and donate a portion of the sales. Before the internet, we truly built our businesses one client at a time!

Having a website helped gain traction for the newly rebranded Wonderblooms program 15 years ago. Flash forward to 2020 and the pandemic — Wonderblooms subscriptions increased exponentially. With everyone at home to receive flowers, people wanted to show their love for others and support their neighbourhood florist. Without the cash flow provided by subscribers, it might have been the end of Quince. I'm thankful beyond measure for the saving grace of the little subscription program that grew.

To test the water first, you can "Try Wonder" before diving into a subscription of your own, and get group savings without the commitment. Sign up for just one month and let the flowers do the talking! 

Thank you for being part of the Wonderblooms family!