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Sydney and Stone's Wedding

Sydney and Stone's Wedding

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

I'm thrilled to announce that our wedding work has been featured on Wedding Chicks! 

You can view the stunning photography by Tom Wang in the article here. These photos capture the magic of the day, but they only tell part of the story. Behind the scenes was an incredible team of vendors, including the talented event planner Alicia Jenelle, owner of The Jenelle Group, Inc., who made it all possible.

Sydney and Stone's wedding is one I'm particularly proud of. The referral was from a friend to her daughter. The venue, The King Edward Hotel, was a classic choice. The couple were stylish and confident in their vision, and they hired some of the best vendors in the wedding industry, who helped us look good!

Flowers impart glamour, but the work behind the scenes isn't always as fun. It's more than hard work, but skills honed over years of practice make it easier! From designing installations and sourcing products to hiring staff, everything comes from experience. We have that in spades at Quince.

Once the job is over, and it’s over in a flash, we always chide ourselves for not taking pictures. We share the joy of our clients and take quiet pride in a job well done, as we head home to rest before the party has even started.

Seeing our work recognized internationally is such a thrill! And this time, I didn’t have to wish for photos!

© Photo credit Tom Wang Photography

Sydney & Stone Wedding - Wedding Flowers by Quince Flowers
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