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Plant Life: Selloum Philodendron

Plant Life: Selloum Philodendron

| Rosie Jeffares

Selloums will reward what might feel like near-negligence with shiny new leaves. So satisfying for a newbie plant owner!

The meaning of this plant's family name says it all: it derives from the Greek words for "love & affection" (philo) and "tree" (dendron). We have a strong affection for this striking plant! It's the perfect choice for beginners and busy people alike.

With large finger-like leaves and strong stalks, the selloum makes a stylish statement. Surprisingly, it's super easy to care for! Water it when nearly dry, usually every second week. Trim out any failing or discoloured leaves. Cut the affected stalk at the base of the plant with a sharp knife or scissors. Fret not - a new shoot will soon replace it!

Just don't let your plant sit in water - in its natural environment the selloum favours well drained soil. We like to leave ours in the plastic growers pot it comes in, and place that inside a handsome basket or clay pot. Watering is easy: just pop the plant in it's plastic pot into the sink or bathtub, water thoroughly and allow it to drain. Use a mister often to provide the tropical humidity all philodendrons enjoy.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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