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Behind the Bloom: Peony

Behind the Bloom: Peony

| Rosie Jeffares

If I had to name a single feel-good flower, the one that is most asked for, regardless of the season, it’s the peony.

Summer solstice marks the height of the Ontario season for this spectacular bloom. Peonies have such big personality! Their joie-de-vivre can be expressed through a demure single row of petals around a hula-skirt of pollen laden stamens, or huge double flowers that are blowsy and over the top! There are many variations on the multi-petal with petalette theme. There are singles, doubles, and ones that we call “bombs”. All are stunning to behold.

They also have lovely, long lasting foliage and often a pleasing scent. Colours range from pure white, through blush, pink, to dark reds. Coral, yellow and cream flowers complete their summer palette.

Peonies are well worth the price of a single flower as they’re so huge! Really a stand alone bloom. Of course, a dozen or more at a time is the "most beautiful" luxury! Enjoy them while they last - once the season is over we don’t import them until Christmas. And even then, they are no match for Ontario grown.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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