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Plant Life: Aglaonema

Plant Life: Aglaonema

| Rosie Jeffares

This no-fuss plant has become the new darling of the current plant craze.

Houseplants are nothing new - we've been selling them since we opened in '97. Yet there's definitely a new community of "plant people" in our midst. Theories abound about why this is so. In recent HuffPost and National Post articles, we're told the millennials are plant obsessed. Certainly pinterest boards and social media play this idea out. Recently, Quince was asked to make forty terrariums. They were gifted to influencers, to promote Burger King's Impossible Whopper burger. When plants are used to sell fast food, something is going on!

"Potted plants have a quiet poetry to them, a whirl of wildness and constraint; they make the planet personal" says Megan Garber of The Atlantic. She feels "the soft shame of being seen" as on trend while she cherishes her garden and wonders if there's something deeper going on. In my experience, people of all ages are into plants and maybe we don't need to read so much into it.

The Aglaonema, or Chinese evergreen, is a no-fuss plant and the new darling of the current plant craze. The leaves often have heavy white marbling that's striking. They grow and regenerate foliage easily. If you are after a houseplant that can tolerate almost any indoor condition, this plant is for you.

Aglaonema grow well in low light. Variegated ones, however, maintain their colour best in medium indirect sunlight. These plants don’t like being soggy and are cold sensitive. Wait until the top two inches of soil is dry before watering, and keep them away from drafts. Aglaonema tolerate typical household humidity levels, so mist only to get rid of dust.

Start a leafy love affair with plants, or renew your passion with an Aglaonema. We have varieties and sizes to suit everyone of any age!

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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