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"Learn from Quince Flowers why proper drainage is essential for potted plants' health and how stylish cachepots and baskets can achieve both aesthetics and plant care

Plant Life: Pots

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

At the root of it, all your plants deserve beautiful homes. Good drainage is the key to happy houseplants!

We all know this, and yet most plant lovers have potted directly into pretty pots with no drainage holes at one time or another. They look so darned good planted up! But this leads to problems: overwatering causes root rot. Under watering is equally stressful. Even plants that can stand to dry out between waterings do better in the long run with good drainage. 

We love beautiful câche pots and we carry loads of them, as well as baskets. A cachepot (pronounced CASH-poh) is a decorative planter with no holes. You can sit your plant inside, still in it's growers pot. No repotting required! Baskets, with a heavy plastic liner, can work the same way. To water, take the plant out of the decorative pot or basket to the a sink, give it plenty of water and allow it to drain. Then return to its decorative container. This watering method allows you to easily shower the foliage too, removing dust, pests and adding moisture.  

Thanks to an increasing supply of well designed pots and saucers, we can have it both ways - a finished look and plant health! Stylish pots and saucers with drainage allow us to transplant and top finish; to pair interesting plants with great materials, like terrazzo and glazed clay. Then add crushed stone or moss as mulch. We also carry self watering pots, perfect for those of us with wanderlust! - leave the house for weeks on end without plant watering issues. Practically speaking, transplanting is the way to go for root health and aesthetics.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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