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Plant Life: Peace Lily

Plant Life: Peace Lily

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

If I told you there's a plant that's inexpensive, easy, low light, air purifying, and is a flowering plant with an interesting story, what would you say? I bet you'd want to know more!

Let’s start with the story. The Spathiphyllum symbolizes peace and tranquillity. Its white flower or sheath-like ‘spathe” rises above a sea of deep green foliage like a white flag. Think of the international truce or ceasefire symbol: also a white flag. Hence its common name, Peace Lily.

In Feng Shui, the
 Spathiphyllum balances and converts negative energy to positive energy. This ancient wisdom might have something to do with the plant's scientifically proven ability to remove harmful toxins from the air. (Everything from ammonia and formaldehyde, to benzene and trichloroethylene. We recommend it for both home and office – especially rooms that might have new carpets or furniture.)

Peace Lily plants are low maintenance and resilient. Indirect low light and regular watering are all they need! Even if you forget to water your plant once in a while, it will recover nicely with a good drink.

I got my first Peace Lily while living in a cramped shared apartment. It did well in the far corner of an east-facing living room, raised on a stool behind the couch. I was so proud of its longevity with no more attention than weekly waterings. (And an occasional soak in the tub if I neglected it.) The shared air in that place was also improved! It made a house a home with its elegant white flags waving over second-hand furnishings. 

The Peace Lily really has a lot going for it. Give one as a gift or bring one home and see for yourself!

• Rosie, Owner of Quince Flowers

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