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Behind the Bloom: Lisianthus

Behind the Bloom: Lisianthus

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

– Maya Angelou

The above quote is one of my favourites, since it makes me immediately think of sending flowers. There's no trick to it, no smoke or mirrors. The essence of blooming flowers is happy feelings!

If the late writer and poet Maya Angelou were a flower, I think she'd have been a wildly elegant one, just like a lisianthus. It's the flower everyone asks about, drawn to its beautiful ruffled petals, and curious to know what it's called. Once people get to know lisianthus they request it often, by name!

Like the powerfully charismatic Angelou, this flower steps into the spotlight and delights with its intelligent good looks and warmth. It is as beguiling as a rose or peony, with a similar shape, but doesn't need to overstate itself. A gorgeous flower with multiple blooms per sinuous stem, it has a certain poetic sophistication!

In gardens, lisianthus loves the heat and blooms in summer. Luckily for us, they are commercially available year-round. Check out this new single-petalled variety from our fridge this week. Or any of the doubles in shades from apricot to purple. And ask for it by name – we'll recognize a kindred happy spirit!

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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