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Behind the Bloom: Ranunculus

Behind the Bloom: Ranunculus

| Rosie Jeffares

I’d say the ranunculus is an almost perfect flower, and it’s just about everyone’s favourite flower.

The way certain types of flowers go in and out of vogue is fascinating. Once the trend gets going, the growers get on board and bring astonishing new varieties to market! Currently, Cloni (pronounced clone-y) ranunculus have taken centre stage. Clonies have much larger flower heads than standard ranunculus.

When fully open, the flowers are peony-like, reminiscent of a ballerina’s flowing tutu.

Also new on the flower scene is the pom-pom ranunculus. As the name suggests, they have a rounder shape and unusual ruffled petals. All ranunculus are gorgeous as single stems in vases or put together with other flowers. And best of all they last from 10 days to an impressive 3 weeks!

Ranunculus aren’t just rarified flower shop blooms. Remember the childhood game of holding a buttercup underneath your chin? Well, buttercups are ranunculus too!

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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