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Behind the Bloom: Delphinium

Behind the Bloom: Delphinium

| Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

Here's to the blue flowers of summer! 

Delphinium are towering spires of densely packed blooms. They come in every shade of blue, from powder blue to indigo to deep purple. Less common are the dusky pinks, lavender and white varieties of delphinium. But I prefer the blue shades that seem to give off light, rather than absorb it – rare for darker flowers. Their petals have an iridescent sheen, bouncing light in dramatic, tall flower displays. 

When it comes to using delphiniums in arrangements, we often deploy them in our wedding and event work. They are the big guns – their tall stems add the height and dimension needed in large spaces.

And yet, they are equally at home, well, at home! I love them in a mono botanic (one flower type) informal arrangement, in a simple jug or cylinder vase. Even as the florets drop off over time, they hold their colour and create a beautiful still-life. "Lovely dead crap" is what I call it! Leave it for awhile and look at it, just there on the table's surface. 

Besides their aesthetic value, delphiniums also have symbolic meaning for me. I associate them with the ephemeral feelings of joy of a wedding and warmth of summer. And also the imprint of those feelings after the party and at the end of a busy florist's day.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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