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Behind the Bloom: Anemone

Behind the Bloom: Anemone

| Rosie Jeffares

The anemone has the simple petal structure of a daisy. But like a sophisticated big sister with a tricky-to-pronounce name, she's way sexier!

A velvety dark eye sets the petals off like a party dress. The frilly green collar around the flower seems to frame the petals with pride. They have such a gorgeous gestural movement to them as they bend towards light.

I love the look of anemones in a vase all on their own, or in a bouquet paired with narcissus (daffodils), muscari (grape hyacinth) or ranunculus.

They can hold their own in a bud vase as beautifully as in a bride's bouquet. And believe me, brides ask for this bloom all the time! Anemones impart an effortless grace to wedding flowers, and table flowers alike... and their vase life is fantastic, often lasting up to 10 days.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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Written By: Rosie Jeffares-Levitt

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