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Behind the Bloom: Dahlia

Behind the Bloom: Dahlia

| Rosie Jeffares

“Can we speak in flowers. It will be easier for me to understand” - Nayyirah Waheed

I'm sure the poet isn't being literal, but some have a hard time pronouncing "Dahlia". Here's a suggestion: always put the stress on the first syllable. Say "da" if you are American, and "day" if you are British. Canadian? Take your pick! Both are perfectly correct.

From late summer to mid-autumn, glorious dahlias bloom in our neighbourhood gardens. A zip around the block on your bike should introduce you to many.

With over 50,000 known varieties, there's a dahlia in every possible colour and in a variety of shapes. Each has its own, often charming, name like "boom boom", which is one of our favourite whites, "bacardi" pink, or "robinhood". Moreover, the tips of the petals can be different from the rest, resulting in dazzling hues. Diversity is the essence of this flower, just like our city!

As cut flowers, dahlias don't always last long. But as I like to say, neither does a great bottle of wine, and that doesn't stop anybody! Enjoy them for while they last.

• Rosie, owner Quince Flowers

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