Spring Awakening at the Gardiner Museum

May 9th, 2013

Paper Cup Tower for a Spring Tea Party

In the Eighteenth Century, a person of status might possess a tea service, made of porcelain, exquisitely crafted and decorated.  Today the ubiquitous paper cup is the vessel for all, and only the branding of said cup can set you apart.  This floral installation engages in a playful dialogue around the way we take our hot drinks!

The work borrows the palette from this Meissen tea and coffee service:  the magnificent yellow ground on the porcelain is used for the tower’s structure; the iron-red, cornflower-blue, purple and puce from the Kakiemon floral decoration on the service are echoed in the real flowers.  The repeated use of paper cups as vessels for the small arrangements emphasizes the number of cups we collectively consume. They are temporal, like the flowers themselves