Quince Flowers has a little sister, and she’s a Qt!

October 11th, 2014

Dear friends,

We have just created a brand new thing to make your life better. “Q” stands for Quince Flowers, our parent company and “t” stands for truck. We’ve taken 20 years of flower passion and packed it into a mobile unit. www.Qtflowers.com brings flowers in the raw to people with a DIY attitude who want to have more flowers, more often!


Here’s how it works:

1. We buy FLOWERS and post pictures of them

We source the freshest, most beautiful flowers of the season from the market early each weekday. Then we take their pictures. We post the morning’s haul with bunch price, stem count and stem length on-line.

2. You CHOOSE your bunches

Decide to make today awesome! Are you in our catchment area, from St Clair Ave. to the lake; from High Park to Vic Park Avenues? If so, go to our website and check out what’s available. Once you’ve selected the flowers you love, just buy them!

3. Your flowers are DELIVERED by end of day

We add your address to our delivery route, and hand-deliver your flowers to wherever you are. They’re in their original packaging, have skipped the middle man, saved you money, and made you an office/ home hero. What’s more, you had almost as much fun as going to market yourself!